• $800/full board¬† – Includes – daily care (feeding , mucking, turning out) , blanket or sheet changing, turnout boot taking on and off, brushing and picking feet at turn in
  • $1000/ partial training – full board plus 2 training days
  • $1400 / full training – full board plus 6 training days


We feed tribute grain 2-3x a day, 2nd cut and alfalfa hay 5x a day, Himalayan salt blocks, and distribute supplements,  We recommend SmartPak and Equine Elixer supplements. We use Langback pine shavings.

  • Turnout is half and full day depending on the horse and weather.
  • Stalls are 12×10 matted stalls, each with a window and a light
  • Pastures cleaned daily, and they have hay and water outside always


Our goal is to provide individualized and attentive care to each horse.